Directions to Away Game Fields

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Goebel Soccer Complex, Evansville:

The Goebel Soccer Complex is a state-of-the-art facility with nine full size bermuda grass fields and one artificial turf field. The main field and five of the grass fields have lights for night play. A large parking lot and concession stand with restrooms are provided.

Goebel Soccer Complex
6800 N. Green River Road
Evansville, IN 47715
Directions to fields
Click here for map of complex

Bloomington North:

Bloomington North plays there games at the High School. The field is on the west side of the school. The closest parking is by the career center. The easiest access is off of Prow Road.

Edgewood High School:

From Bloomington, head west on SR 46 and go thru Ellettsville. Just about where the one-way split is about to end, there is a left turn only lane that switches you from heading West (out of town) to East, back into town. After making this U-turn, take your second right which is Edgewood Drive (there is a sign for the school). You will be going all the way past the school thru three parking lots (the last parking lot is by the past the baseball diamond). Just past the baseball diamond, Edgewood Dr. will make a sharp left turn. Just after the left turn, there is an exit from the High School complex that cuts across towards the new elementary school. Take this exit and cross Sycamore St like you're heading to the elementary school. But take your immediate right that heads to a parking lot by the tennis courts and the soccer field. Park here for soccer.

Terre Haute North:

Head west on State Road 46 past Ellettsville. Continue on 46 for around 50 miles. You'll cross I-70 near Terre Haute. After going under I-70 continue about three miles until SR46 ends at US 40. Turn left on US 40 for about a mile and a half. You'll come to the intersection with Blakely. Turn right on Blakely (heading north). You'll continue on Blakely (which eventually becomes Fruitridge/Blakely) until you hit Maple. The school is at this intersection, but continue on Blakely to enter the east parking lot of the school. The soccer fields are just to the north of the school.

Franklin Central:

Head north on SR 37 all the way to I-465 going around Indy. Head towards the east side of Indy on 465. You'll cross the intersection with I-65 and the next exit will be Emerson Avenue (Exit 52). Take Emerson to the south (right). Go a half a mile on Emerson and then take a left (east) on Thompson Road. You will now go 3.4 miles on Thompson. At Franklin Road, you will turn right (south). Continue for just over one mile, the school will come up on your left. The soccer fields are behind the school.
Web site. Note, this route is not the shortest distance, but it should be the quickest.

Lawrence Central:

Head north on SR 37 all the way to I-465 going around Indy. Head towards the east side of Indy on 465. Continue past I-65 and I-70. Take the 56th Street Exit to the east right. The high school comes up quickly on your left but don't go to the school. Continue east on 56th Street until you get to Franklin Drive where you will turn right (south). Your second left on Franklin Drive will be the entrance to Lawrence Park, if marked it is called Harmon Drive. Continue down the winding road past the baseball fields until you arrive at the soccer fields (about where you enter major parking areas). The main soccer field should be one of the first you come to, look for the lights. Lawrence Park is where the State Travel Soccer Offices are located.


Take SR 37 north. As you go around Martinsville on 37 you'll pass the school on your left. The next stoplight is SR 252. Take a left and head west. Near the bottom of the hill you come to John R.Wooden Drive where you'll take a left as if you're going to the hospital. Continue south on John Wooden past the Hospital. About a block past the hospital you'll come to Sunrise Drive. Turn right and go thru a neighborhood. Sunrise will dead end at Illinois Street. Take a right on Illinois and continue around the curve to the left. After the curve the road turns into Columbus Drive. Just after the turn, there is a parking lot on your left. Pull into that parking lot and head towards the back. The soccer fields are at the north end of the school property but this parking lot is the easiest access.

Columbus North:

Head east on SR 46 towards Columbus. As you cross the river near downtown, you the road will split and become one-way. About a half mile past downtown, SR 46 will veer right at a light. Don't turn, but instead go straight thru the light onto Central Avenue. The Cummins plant will be on your left and the road curves around the plant. You You will follow Central Ave. for quite a while. You'll cross 10th, 25th and US 31. About a half mile past US31, you'll come to a light at Rocky Ford Rd. The next street to your left is Parkside which goes to the grade school The next street is Whitney Court. Take a left on Whitney and follow to the end. The High School games are in the far northwest corner of the complex. The games are not played at the High School.


There are multiple ways that people get to Evansville. Take your pick (see below for recommended route). Bottom line is that you need to get on southbound I-164 on the east side of Evansville. Go south on I-164 to exit 7A. This is SR 66 heading east. You'll go a couple of miles until the intersection of SR261. Turn left (northeast) on SR 261. Right at a mile or so up 261 you will come to a light at Vann Road. Castle High School will be on your right at the light. Take the right on Vann road and the soccer field will be on your right (the school is on your left).

Note for Evansville Route: One of the more popular routes is to take SR45 out of Bloomington all the way to the gate of Crane where SR45 joins SR58 as you head west (right). You'll eventully merge with US231 which will take you south about 5 miles where you turn west on SR58 going thru Oden. A few miles past Oden, SR58 veers north but a short extension called SR358 keeps going west. Take 358 until you hit SR57 which eventually turns into I-164 by Evansville. The school address is: 3344 State Route 261, Newburgh, IN 47630


According to the
Seymour Parks Web site, the HS plays their games at Freeman Field Recreational Facility. The local club has a map page with directions. (view map) Bottom line, you want to get heading south on Interstate 65 towards Kentucky (head east on 46 to just before Columbus, then take I65 South). You can either take exit # 55 and head south on SR 11 which will eventually go past the field, or you can go down to exit #49 and go West for a couple of miles on US #50 then take a left on SR 11 in downtown Seymour. The fields are just south of the airport about 2.5 miles from downtown on SR 11. They will come up on your right when heading south.

An alternate route for those who live out towards Lake Monroe (and for those who like a change of pace), is to take SR 446 across the lake and then head East on SR 50 until you hit Seymour where you can go south on SR 11. For those who want to mapQuest directions, if you use Hoover Dr & N State Road 11, Seymour, IN 47274 it should get you pretty close.

Southport & Perry Meridian:

Southport & Perry Meridian High Schools play their games at Mary Bryan Elementary School. The school is located at 4355 E Stop 11 Rd in Indianapolis. Mapquest directions from Bloomington are: Head north on 37 for appx 40 miles until you get to Southport Road (it's almost to 465). Turn right on Southport and go 2.5 miles until you reach US 31. Turn right onto US 31 for 1.1 miles. Then turn left on E Stop Eleven Road. Continue east for 2.3 miles. The school will come up on the right.


For the mapquest/GPS lovers, the address is: 5401 W 71st St, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Head toward Indy like you’re going to the airport (shortest way is to get on 67 by Martinsville). Head north past the airport on I 465. Continue on 465 past the split towards Chicago (i.e. don't go towards Chicago). At 71st Street, exit to the east which is a right at the bottom of the ramp. Go for about mile or so and the school will come up on your right. It is a huge complex with some of the best HS fields in the state. They are on the northeast side of the school. Drive time from Blmtn is about 75 minutes.

Perry Meridian:

They also play at Mary Bryan Elementary. See directions above for Southport.

Jasper High School:

The games are played at the High School located at 1600 St. Charles St., Jasper, Indiana

There is much discussion about the best way to get there. The bottom line is you need to get on US 231 towards Jasper. Here are three good options. Map Quest says, SR 37 south to US 50 just past Bedford. Take US 50 West to Loogootee, then US 231 south into Jasper. Others prefer going SR 45 past Sam's Club towards Standford. Stay on 45 towards Crane. At the Crane gate, stay on SR 45 west when it merges with SR 58 and continue until you hit US 231. Take US 231 south through Loogootee towards Jasper. A third option is SR37 south to SR 58 west (just before Bedford), then past Crane and over to US 231. Go south towards Jasper

No matter which of the three, it will be 18.9 past the intersection of US 50 and US 321 in Loogootee. As you just begin coming into Jasper, the streets will be counting down (31st, 30th, 26th, etc.). You'll be turning right on W Schuetter Rd (which is about where you'd expect 22nd St. If you hit 17th you've gone to far). Continue west on Schuetter Rd for .7 miles. You'll turn left (south) on St. Charles Rd. Continue for a half mile and you'll come to the school. The soccer fields are behind the school.

Directions to Henry R. Gwaltney Sports Complex
From South- From Hwy. 57 turn left onto W. Walnut St.  Continue on W. Walnut for approximately .8 miles then turn right onto Front St.  Continue on Front St. for approximately .7 miles then turn left into the Sports Complex. From North- From Hwy. 57 turn right onto W. Walnut St.  Continue on W. Walnut for approximately .8 miles then turn right onto Front St.  Continue on Front St. for approximately .7 miles then turn left into the Sports Complex. From East- From Hwy. 50 turn right onto Hwy. 57 then follow directions from South above. From West- From Hwy. 50 turn left onto Hwy. 57 then follow directions from South above