Frequently Asked Questions

Index of Frequently Asked Questions
Release 2.2 - August 12, 2009
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What are the dates for tryouts and how do they work? Monday 8-10am and 5-6:30pm Tuesday 5-6:30pm Mon., July 30 from 8am to 10am and from 5pm to 6:30pm, both at South. Tue., July 31 from 5-6:30pm at South The teams will be announced at the conclusion of the Tuesday evening practice. Players will be divided among a varsity and junior varsity squad.

When and where will practices be held? A practice schedule will regularly be published or handed out by the coach. Prior to the start of the school year the practice times may vary. They will most often be held at the practice field at the school but there may be an occasional practice at the South football field or Karst Park. The school game/practice fields are located on the North Side of the High School adjacent to the MCCSC administration building.

Are practices mandatory? Once selected for a team (Varsity or JV), all players are expected to attend every practice unless excused by the coach.

If practices are not immediately following school, is a place provided for the players to wait? We will know if this is an issue once the schedules are set.

How do grades affect my ability to play? Official policy school policy is set by the Athletic Department however the coach may have more strict guidelines.

If I can't attend a practice, who do I let know? You should contact the players coach directly. For varsity, contact Nick Hargett (nicholashargett at yahoo dot com].

What if I'm sick? Should I still come to practice or a game? The official school policy is that you must attend at least a half day in order to participate in a practice or game.  If there is any question please contact the school's Athletic Department.

What equipment is needed? Each player is required to bring on their own shin guards, cleats, socks, t-shirts and practice shorts. The practice pack (see below) will include a practice t-shirt but you may not be able to keep it clean enough for every practice, so other t-shirts may be worn. Recommendations for cleat and shin guard types can be obtained from other players and coaches. The uniforms are provided by the school and are to be returned at the end of the season! 

How many pairs of cleats are really needed? This is a valid question. There is no official requirement that a player have multiple pairs of cleats. But most of the seasoned and experienced players recognize that different cleats are designed for various conditions. As such, a pair of soft-ground cleats will help the athlete perform better in those types of conditions.

Where do I get equipment? Is there a team discount?  There are no discounts at local stores that is coordinated by the team or booster club.  Please see the coach for any discounts he may have access to.

What are the practice packs? The coach has ordered practice packs for the team. These will include, two pair of socks (home and away), a t-shirt and a sweatshirt. The cost for these will be announced early in the season.

When are the games? A game schedule is published on the MCCSC>Bloomington High School>Athletics>Boys Soccer website as well as a copy is posted on the main page of this website.  JV game start approximately 2 hours prior to the posted Varsity game times.

How do kids get to the games? For away games, the school will provide bus transportation. The players will be required to be at a designated spot at a specific time. For home games, each player is responsible to get themself out to home field. The coach will announce how early he wants a player to be at the field.

What does a player need to bring to a game? What should he wear on the bus? Cleats, shin guards, home and away jersey, home and away socks, warm-up and other items that the coach or team captians may request. The players will be provided with a meal for the return trip home on away games. The player should bring extra drinks for fluid lost during the game? The bus will typically not make a stop en route to or from games so players should keep this in mind regarding fluid consumption prior to games.

Where are home games played? Home games are played at the Game Field just north of BHSS.

Does JV always play? During the middle part of the season, there will most often by a Junior Varsity game. Early season tournaments and special games as well as the state tournament at the end of the season are varsity only. There are a couple of schools that may not have a JV team (although the schedule currently says they do) so please look for email updates.

What are team dinners? As a way to build stronger team unity, the team has occasional team dinners at someone's home where the entire team will enjoy a pre-game meal together. This meal is held the night before the game, not the day of the game. Additional instructions are provided for how parents can bring food, drink, etc. Additional details will be provided later.

What type of meals should be eaten before a game? Carbohydrates and fluids are very important. Especially during hot weather, the athlete should drink plenty of fluids no matter what but it is important to be careful to pace the fluid consumption so that they are in peak game condition. Each player is different so the general guideline is to find what works best for them as a player. These ideas came up in a Google Search. (View them.

Where do I get directions to the fields? If you go to the "Directions" link in the top tab bar and click on a game location, it should bring up directions to the fields.

Do parents need to pay to get into the games? Most high schools will charge between $4 to $6 per adult and occasionally a lesser amount for student tickets. If you have the Bloomington South Sports Pass it can be used for home, regular season soccer games. It will not get you into the Sectional games.

How much money does it cost for my son to play? A player fee is required of each player making the Varsity and JV teams.  As of 2008 the player fee is $170.  The check is made payable to "Bloomington South Boys Soccer Boosters." This fee covers some equipment, scholarships, incidental tournament costs, special events, programs, practice kits, away game meals, and other such items.

Are there car pools to the games? Some parents work out rides with other parents on an individual basis. There is no official meeting point or car caravan plan to drive and arrive together.

Will there be a parent/player meeting at the beginning of the season? One is planned.

How do I get a yard sign, shirts, window decal (spirit wear).   You may get all of your "spirit gear" at My Sports Locker next door to Smith Shoes just north of the high school.

When are the booster clubs meetings? They are held in the library or large group room of the High School as needed. Please sign up on the email distribution list to stay up to date as to when meetings are scheduled.

How are volunteers needed and used? Volunteers serve on various committees doing things like, fund raising, gate duty, treasure, statistics, special events, team meals, and so forth. Check the volunteer link (to be published soon) in the left menu bar for additional information about volunteering.

When is Senior Night? To be announced.

When is the banquet? Sometime after the end of the season. To be announced.

Note: These answers are subject to revision from time to time. Please check the date and release version at the top to see if this version is more current than a previous version you may have viewed or printed. If you have questions or corrections, please use the Contact link in the lower left menu bar.